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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Why you should develop a positive mental attitude

Would you like to learn the secrets of the most influential, powerful people of all time. Attract more sales and negotiate more win/win outcomes. Of course you would! You're a sales person.

Despite what most books and seminars teach, successful selling is not a set of strategies, techniques or tactics to get the prospect to buy. Rather it is a state of mind – yours and your customers – and set of behaviors that creates compelling win/win outcomes for everyone.

If you look around at the high achievers in this world in any field, you will find nearly always that they display a positive mental attitude to their field of success. They may do this knowingly or otherwise but simply put you will get much more success if you do the same.

Here are a few qualities that successful people with a positive mental attitude display which you can emulate with a bit of effort:

1. Smile

2. Laugh

3. Greet people courteously

4. Be enthusiastic about your work

5. Dream. Engage in ‘Imagineering’. Set goals, aim high.

6. Act. Work your plan. Don’t be an ‘Excusiologists’.

8. Be focused at all times. Be dedicated, disciplined and regular in your work.

9. Show commitment to the task in front of you.

10. Strive for excellence, set your own benchmark.

11.Stay sharp to opportunities, create your own luck.

12. Be humble and open- minded. We can all learn from each other.

13. Be open to change. Don’t be afraid of taking risks.

14. Don’t be judgmental. Forgive and move on.

15. Develop a supportive attitude to all around you.

16. Accept adversity and disappointments. Overcome them and emerge stronger.

19. Cultivate a working philosophy of life: Turn every experience, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, into a ‘learning’ experience.

20. Strive for improvement. Be a life-long ardent student of sales and life.

22. Lead. The five key facets of leadership are..Focus, Authenticity, Courage, Empathy, Timing.

23. Surround yourself with people with winning attitudes and your chance of success will be high.

24. Always invest in yourself first, you are your biggest asset in sales and life.

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