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Monday, 29 August 2011


When you need a well-earned break watch this great short video on the value of a smile, being encouraging and resilient, and the impact we have on others (even when we don't realise it).

It's called "Validation."

Maybe a little longer than it needs to be, but time well-spent. Enjoy.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

How to have a fantastic career in sales

If you have drive, ambition and the ability to handle rejection, a career in sales can provide fantastic lifelong opportunities and earnings. A job in sales is one profession where you can rise to become a top earner in the company regardless of where you started out.

But let's be clear: with opportunity and higher earnings comes responsibility.

Simply put, it's up to you to carve your place in a results driven environment. You need keep yourself productive and engaged at the highest required performance level. You need to operate from a combination of your strengths and self-knowledge to achieve true and lasting sales excellence.

 How to achieve Sales Excellence:

1. Learn to love your work and learn to become outstanding in your field. Have fun with the job. Having fun will raise your confidence and energy levels. Support, encourage and motivate yourself and those around. Create POSITIVE MOMENTUM.

2. Decide exactly what it is you want in life. Set a goal and dedicate yourself to it. Write it down. Get visual reminders, cut out magazines and pictures. Put them where you’ll see them on a regular basis… on your bathroom wall, in your wallet, on your desk, saved to your computer screen.

3. Back every goal and plan with determination, willpower and insistence. Be action oriented – lead source relentlessly, make more calls, start early, finish late, maximize each and every phone session.

Take the rough with the smooth – adversity shows you what you are really made of.

4. Commit yourself to lifelong learning, read sales books, listen to audio training, grow your knowledge, grow your rewards. Increase your value to your sales team. Fill your mind with inspiration and learn from the best people in your company and in life. Follow the leaders – success breeds success – learn from you managers, and learn from the best.

 5. Use your time wisely. Keep asking yourself: what is the most valuable use of my time right now? Increase your number of calls. Plan for your success day by day, and make it happen.

 6. Consistently review your goals. Read them every day, they will add fuel to your fire; recognize the opportunities that you have in your company, and that we all have in sales.

7. Act with integrity. Believe in yourself and understand your product. Focus on delivering the benefits to your client. Sales ability and skill may secure you that 1st client, but integrity and working to deliver on what you promised keeps them coming back for more. Build a reputation and be the first to support your client after the sale should a problem arise.

Most of all: stay focused on what really matters. Create POSITIVE MOMENTUM by staying true to yourself and true to your goals. That’s how to have a fantastic career in sales.

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